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The Need For Reflection

The human mind is fascinating.  The mental power that it possesses to wrestle through logical constructs and to accomplish critical thinking is astounding.  While it possesses the power to work through in a progressive way-thinking of new ways, analyzing for … Continue reading

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Returning to an Old Friend

This upcoming Sunday is a first for me.  Ten years ago, as an assistant pastor in Minnesota, I preached a short series through the book of James. (Short as in, seven or eight messages I believe) I am not real … Continue reading

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Does the Gospel Point Us to Corporate Worship?

“You don’t need church to be a Christian!” This is one of many proclamations that I have heard in 11 years of ministry against the idea of local church worship.  Western civilization has identified itself now in the last 20 … Continue reading

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History Humbles

If there is one accusation which could be levied against the post-WWII generations is an ignorance of history.  Specifically, the landscape of Christianity and the church is desperately in need of a better understanding of where we are at and … Continue reading

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Christ and Christmas

The presents are opened and the tree is now taken down.  How was your Christmas?  Christmas in our household is incredibly busy, simply for the fact of our church and my son’s school schedule is highly demanding when it comes … Continue reading

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