Thoughts from a Book

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Sinclair Ferguson’s book: By Grace Alone: How the Grace of God Amazes Me.  This has been a healthy December read and I commend it greatly to you.  He has a number of poignant quotes throughout the book which have been thought provoking.  Here are a few for your enjoyment and reflection:

Sadly, thinking that I deserve heaven is a sure sign I have no understanding of the Gospel.

The Christian life may appear from the outside to be a very sober way.  It is, in many respects.  But from the inside, it is also a life of great joy.

….if you want to be sure of the privileges that are yours and the security I (God) have provided for you; then you must not look first at the circumstances of your life and conclude, ‘Things are going well for me, God must love me’. No, you must look at the cross and say: ‘My God was willing to give His Son for me. That’s why I know He really loves me’.

The Gospel is an invitation to receive a gift. But many people hear it as a summons to ‘do better.’ Paul makes it clear that the gospel is not about something we do.  It is about what God has done for us in Jesus Christ.

Have you begun to experience the ‘double cure’? It is found in the pardon of the guilt of sin and the breaking of the power of sin. Both of these are ours through faith in Jesus Christ. And they are ours by grace alone. That is the grace of God.

One of the most powerful truths that Sinclair elaborates on in his book-in fact devotes a whole chapter to, is that grace costs something.  The greatest truth of the Gospel is:  while grace costs something, it is not my duty to pay the cost because it has been paid.  Reflecting on the cost, will always change how we live-it must or we have no clue what grace is. 

Wonderful thoughts for a Monday.

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One Response to Thoughts from a Book

  1. Great post! The quotes were a blessing this morning!

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