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Thoughts from a Book

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Sinclair Ferguson’s book: By Grace Alone: How the Grace of God Amazes Me.  This has been a healthy December read and I commend it greatly to you.  He has a number of poignant quotes throughout the … Continue reading

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Broken Hearted and Tragic-Newtown, CT

The body count is tragic . . . 27 dead, 20 of which are elementary age children.  As the dad of a child, right now in a school building, and as the dad of 3 other little boys who in … Continue reading

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Placing God at the Middle

I remember sitting in a Hermeneutics class in college, Dr. Bennett discussing the presuppositions that we take into a text, and how we ought to strive to rid ourselves from as many presuppositions as possible from outside the text to … Continue reading

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