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Looking for a Good Scandal

We love a good scandal here in America.  Perhaps, Fundamental churches are naturally bent towards the “gawking onlooker” syndrome of sideline reporting with excitement for being “involved” with the latest scandal.  Many opinions, little truth.  Quick to react, quick to … Continue reading

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Asking for Help from a Wannabe

Last week, I demonstrated that I am a wannabe.  Ipad’s and Apple’s technology has always fascinated me, and I was sure to find a way to secure this “need”.  Alas, I will be the first to admit an Ipad or … Continue reading

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Creation-Why It Matters

The battle for the beginning was thrust into the fore front of American thinking over the last couple weeks with Bill Nye’s illogical rants on YouTube against Creationism and parents “forcing” their kids to be exposed to it.  Answers in … Continue reading

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From My Heart: The Centrality of God

Is God your God?  Perhaps, there is no greater practical question believers must ask themselves every day, as we go about our lives.  In our Sunday School class at North Country, we began a series on the book of Judges, … Continue reading

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