The Day In Between

Regardless of which day you ascribe to that Jesus died, most people do recognize Good Friday as a part of the Easter Celebration. (Along with Palm and Easter/Resurrection Sunday)  As I sat here this Saturday morning, I couldn’t help but think:

 “What about today?” 

The celebration of Jesus’ death was yesterday, the celebration of the resurrection is tomorrow, but what about this day in between?  Unfortunately, there are three words that come to my mind looking at the day in between that described what the day in between was like:  discouragement, disbelief, and despair

Little is said in our Bibles about the time in between Jesus’ death and His resurrection here on this earth.  Frankly, as I do read the Gospel accounts, I’m not 100% convinced that the disciples and the extant followers of Jesus were expecting “tomorrow” jesus_tomb (1)to happen.  The astonishment of Mary and the other ladies at the tomb leads me to think that she was surprised by the resurrection, which, perhaps, is surprising to us, seeing that she heard about the resurrection from Jesus’ own mouth and she had the OT Scriptures that said it would happen.  On this “in between day”, to many there in Jerusalem, Jesus was dead.  Even the men on the road to Emmaus were filled with disbelief that Jesus was dead, and they questioned the rumors of the resurrection since they had not seen Jesus.  In some respects, it seems as though the Roman government was more convinced of the possibility of the Resurrection of Jesus, than the people who claimed to love, follow, and obey Him.  May I submit something to you this morning:

We are like that today.

We have all the promises and truths recorded for us in God’s Word.  We get to look back on the crucifixion of Christ, and we celebrate the glorious doctrines that it establishes on our behalf.  We have been told that because of the Resurrection of Jesus, there is a Resurrection day coming for ourselves in which we meet Jesus. Yet, we are despairing and discouraged seeking to fill the vacancy of our soul with every gimmick, trick, pill, and toy that we can find, and as we find that it doesn’t fix the problem, we return to them only to move deeper into despair.  It is almost as though the testimony of the God-followers during the day in between has become the testimony of our lives.  It is as though we are stuck in between the saving Gospel and the coming of Christ wandering aimlessly here on this earth with little or no kingdom purpose.  My prayer for you on this “day in between” is that you will embrace the coming Resurrection and allow it to permeate your life and behavior.  Tomorrow, at North Country, we are going to celebrate the Resurrection, but today, we have the opportunity to live it.  It is my hope that you will be able to focus beyond the hustle and bustle of family gatherings, dinners, and all the preparation that goes into those exciting times.  It is my hope that you will be able to focus beyond the “to do lists” of a typical Saturday, and embrace living by faith-faith in the coming Resurrection for all those that are in Christ Jesus.  In this is our hope, in this is our glory. 

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