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On Preaching pt. 4

Back when I was in college, there was an undercurrent of concern/dissention regarding the preaching that was being heard in the chapel hour.  Can I honestly reflect back on that time and see that the spirit was Christ driven in … Continue reading

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A Quick Thought

We have been enjoying our vacation here in New England for the last couple days.  However, we all have been quite sick during this vacation.  No matter how hard you try to plan all the details of your vacation to … Continue reading

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On Preaching pt. 3

What are you expecting when you come to church?  As you take your seat in your chair or pew, what is your desire from the guy standing at the front of the church?  For many, you have had a long … Continue reading

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Vacation coming up …what shall I read.

With vacation looming ever so brilliantly on the horizon, my reading takes a change from academic and deep to the rich and devotional.  This vacation I have two books that I’m going to read/re-read.  The first is a little book … Continue reading

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On Preaching pt. 2

BORING!  That’s right BORING. Over my head. Don’t understand. The Bible doesn’t make sense. Not relevant.  The Bible is too old school, it doesn’t help me with all my problems today. Attacking. All his sermons seem like he’s attacking or … Continue reading

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